History in the Making

OLD BARN 2.jpg

Years ago, folks would gather together, roll up their sleeves, and lend a hand to help their neighbors build these structures all across this great country.  These “barn raisings”, as they were called, usually took place in the summer between planting and harvest.  Logs would be gathered from the surrounding forests.  The timbers were then hand hewn into stout beams and planks that would become the bones for the new building. 

Everyone would pitch in and do their part.   Whether it was offering food and water for the workers or providing a strong back to haul tools and materials, the whole community did what they could.

Barns offered comfort and protection from the elements for livestock and crops. They could be a place for weddings and celebrations.  Each barn stood tall overlooking farms that families worked for generations.  Where a child riding on a horse drawn wagon would grow up and work the same fields with a bright green tractor.                                                                                                                        

A New Purpose

Change came to the landscape of the farm. Old traditions of construction made way for new technologies, materials, and designs.  The barns that our grandfathers and fathers built began to show the effects of time and the elements.  Leaky roofs along with hard weather undermined the structural integrity of many of these iconic buildings.  Some could be saved, but many fell victim and had to be burned or knocked down.  

 For years we watched this sad decay.  Then we discovered something wonderful.  Those same elements that caused those structures to come down also created an unsurpassed beauty in the wood that the barns were built from.  Hewn marks, rough saw cuts, nail holes, moisture, and time had combined to provide character that can never be reproduced with new wood.   This barnwood was given a second life.



We found that we could craft heirloom furniture from these previously lost and discarded materials. Reclaimed Rustic Woodworks was founded with a goal to build reclaimed barnwood furniture in the heart of the Midwest with the same care, precision, and eye for quality that our forefathers instilled in the barns that they raised generations before.  We combine these aged timbers with blacksmith wrought iron for a rustic yet timeless appeal. 

Our craftsmen draw out the threads of the past and weave them into stories yet to be told. 

What kind of story will your piece tell?